BZM Transport Case Study
BZM Transport Case Study
The situation was one of enormous backlogs,...
Tjokkie Preprimer ITEC Gholfdag
Tjokkie Preprimer ITEC Gholfdag
Hierdie is een van die gewildste gholfdae in Bfn....
Value-added Cost Saving Software
Electronic Archiving
M-Files is a powerful yet easy to use document management software for managing, finding and tracking documents and information. M-Files helps to get rid of costly physical storage space and Windows network folders, and instead give information a structure so that you find it instantly when needed, to prevent documents from getting lost or misplaced, to keep an auditable track record of the information, to automate workflows, e.g. approval procedures, and to keep information in a secure yet accessible storage location.

M-Files integrates with Windows Explorer, hence, M-Files is instantly familiar to everyone, which drastically reduces the time from introducing a Document Management System until all involved employees are able to handle it. All Windows applications allow direct opening and saving many different file types, including MS Office, PDF, CAD files, but even audio and video file formats are supported.
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Value-added Cost Saving Software
Automated Service delivery
Itec Sentry is on duty 24/7/365:
• Automatic error reporting helps Itec engineers arrive on site well prepared
• Consumables are monitored to prevent unexpected shortages.
• Bill customers for printing accurately with automated meter readings.

Dramatically reduce document output device downtime and improve office productivity.
Printer downtime is a massive headache in any office environment. A multifunctional product (MFP) that unexpectedly experiences a fault or runs out of toner can cost hours of productivity and disrupt workflow for days in a busy office.
What’s more, out-of-order document output devices are a massive drain on the IT department’s time, accounting for an estimated 30%-40% of helpdesk calls in the average organisation. That is why companies need to put tools such as Itec Sentry in place to stay on top of service and maintenance issues in their document output infrastructure.

Sentry is a proprietary solution from Itec that automates the reporting of many common service and maintenance issues of document output devices (including printers, copiers, and MFPs) so that Itec can manage these devices on your behalf in a proactive manner. This powerful technology allows Itec to manage your infrastructure from a distance as effectively as it could if it had a technician on-site managing your devices 24 hours a day.

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Value-added Cost Saving Software
Print Director
Print Director is an enterprise system that tracks, audits and controls all printing and photocopying on a network.
It allows for user tracking, inter-departmental and client/project code billing.
It is not limited to any particular printer vendor and tracks all print jobs printed through Windows print servers or workstations printing direct-to-IP.

Print Director benefits:
  • Track paper output on printers, photocopiers and multifunction devices
  • Recover costs, conduct internal billing, pass costs on to users / clients / students
  • Reduce waste
  • Discover optimal deployment of office equipment
  • Better supplies management
  • Control access to office equipment
  • Centralise management of printing infrastructure

Print Director Features:
  • Supports all printing environments including print servers (spooled printing), desktop printers and direct IP printing.
  • Complete control of printers, photocopiers or multifunction devices.
  • Total accountability is ensured by logging all print job information such as document name, user name, total pages, colour and duplexing. Reports can then be generated providing detailed or summary information according to device, user, workstation, department or account code.
  • Full account control is achieved by enforcing minimum balances and specifying user access to accounts. Users can be configured to require an account code for every job (via popup) or auto-bill to their user account. Users could be unaware that their activities are being monitored.
  • Secure Document Release functionality enhances document security by allowing users to release print jobs at the device.
  • Advanced, variable pricing system allows for quick and effective setup and maintenance of output pricing. Pricing for custom paper sizes or charge by area enhances large-format printer support.
  • Complete security is provided by extensive user access control. Certain users can be limited in their access to specific software functions.
  • Administrative automation is achieved by setting department and account group defaults that automate the configuration of new users and accounts.
  • Device server software continues operation if the connection to the central DB is lost. Transactions are fully verified against a local MS Access database and recorded allowing users to continue to print. Local data is synchronised with the central DB at user-specified intervals.
  • Retrieves hardware recorded meter readings from network printers (total prints, copies, faxes etc). Marker Supplies such as current toner levels are also recorded.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities using industry standard Crystal Reports. Reports cover device usage, account statements and meter readings and can be grouped and filtered by many parameters.
  • Reports can be automatically emailed to a number of recipients at user-specified intervals.
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Value-added Cost Saving Software
Document Navigator
Document Navigator closes the gap between paper documents, multifunctional devices and electronic document management systems. This simple, dependable, scalable and flexible capturing application enables users to capture, digitise, distribute and use documents much more efficiently than ever before.

Hardcopy documents can be scanned on any MFP, electronic documents or emails can be processed directly, while relevant metadata of the documents are extracted, and the document and metadata are routed to any destination for further processing or storage. Itec MFP’s integrate the application on their user panel, making it even easier to apply a fully automated capturing process and user-authentication-based workflows.
With Document Navigator, companies and organisations will become more productive as it helps reduce time and costs and allows you to focus on real business tasks, instead of being involved in lengthy administration procedures
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