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What is Sentry?

Sentry is technology that we use that enables us to remotely manage your infrastructure as effectively as if we had a technician on-site monitoring your machines 24 hours a day.

The benefits ensure a smoother workflow for your busy office, less disruptive downtime and fewer administrative distractions. The solution helps businesses run efficient, cost-effective document output environments, based on reliable infrastructure and accurate billing.

Benefits of Sentry:
  • Automatic error reporting that helps Itec engineers arrive on site well prepared
  • Consumables are monitored to prevent unexpected shortages.
  • Bill customers for printing accurately with automated meter readings.
  • The ITEC Sentry service is on duty 24/7/365

Are all cartridges compatible with all types of machines?

Unfortunately all cartridges are not compatible with all types of machines. The reason for this is that the density of the cartridges differs. The texture of the cartridges are not the same, some are rough while others are finer. The different models of the same product also use different cartridges.

For more info on toners, paper, cartridges and other consumables you can email:

Why buy from Itec Bloemfontein?

ITEC delivers an end-to-end range of solutions, combining industry-leading expertise and sophisticated technologies to support companies in meeting today's complex business demands.

Our holistic and solutions-driven approach has made us a preferred solutions provider with 47 strategic partners throughout Southern Africa.

We're striving to be the first choice for document management, production printing and enterprise communications solutions through:
  • Nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Hiring the most talented, skilled and energetic staff.
  • Forging close relationships with vendors and channel partners.
  • Building world-class support structures and systems to benefit our customers and partners.
With an international presence, a product portfolio comprising products from leading vendors and advanced expertise in our chosen markets, ITEC delivers strategic business solutions that help our clients save money and enhance productivity.

Itec wants to help you to save money by addressing workflow inefficiencies. In other words, they want to take care of your frustrations and head-aches in the workplace and convert it into hassle-free operations.

What are consumables?

Consumables are goods intended to be bought, used and replaced, specifically for computers and photocopiers (i.e. ink, toner and paper). Itec has their own warehouse department where these consumables can be bought. They also offer help to ensure that the right material is used for the right machines.

For more information on toners, paper, cartridges and other consumables you can email: & or visit our shop on 58C Kellner street, Westdene, Bloemfontein.

What are the different types of copiers Itec has to offer?

Check out our products on the home page to have a look at all the areas in your workplace where we can assist you.

All types of Itec copiers and printers start with the letter B or C. The B letter stands for Black and White Copiers, in other words no colour prints can be made with these types of copiers. The C series of copiers are the copiers that allow you to make colour prints, as well as black and white.

If you want any more information about copiers, feel free to contact an Itec specialist.

What is Itec’s response time for call outs?

Itec has a 4 hour response time for all call-outs in Bloemfontein and we also do daily country trips. These hours only include working hours and clients without an Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be charged. Itec also offers afterhour service, for anyone who is in urgent need, but keep in mind that this service is after 17:00 and will be charged for even if the client has an SLA.

Afterhours Service number: 083 700 5444

What is Itec’s Telephonic Support?

Itec offers telephonic support systems. We have qualified technicians that have the necessary experience to help you with any Itec and IT related problem. The benefit of this service is that you pay less than a physical call out and your problems gets solved quickly and hassle free.

Can we help with any IT related situations?

Itec can help you with any IT related questions even if you do not use our products. This fee is chargeable for anyone who isn’t on our client base or has no SLA.

What is an SLA?

A SLA is a “service level agreement” that consists out of a contract fee as negotiated with the client which could include the following benefits:
  • Free of Charge delivery
  • Free of charge labour
  • No call out fees
  • No additional charge for toner

More about “GO GREEN WITH ITEC”?

How Green is ITEC?

Environmental impact of doing business is a topic that is being reported on daily. Business leaders, Shareholders and Customers are under increasing pressure to show that they are either aware or are actively working towards a method that reduces their environmental impact.

As in the case with most new ideas, implementation and skill transfer usually results in nothing being done about the issues at hand. 

Through this offsetting programme companies are now able to prove to their Stakeholders that they are truly committed to sustainability and have a solution that will put them in a strong position for inevitable emission regulations in the years to come.

Our solution allows us to measure the environmental impact a print production device would have on the environment.

We are able to offset the Carbon into micro certificates and have a monthly reporting structure that is auditable.

Being the only Office Automation company in SA to offer this we are taking a leading role in helping SA businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.